DNV GL announces new release of LOAD facility ratings systems for utilities

This upgrade of LOAD's facility ratings management software helps utilities ensure technically accurate and current facility ratings across their organizations.

LOAD delivers a consolidated solution

Five major utility customers have deployed this facility ratings tool to improve operations, reliability, and compliance performance.

Stricter regulations and the need for a consistent, technically accurate facility rating methodology have led many utilities to re-evaluate their processes and tools used in managing element and facility ratings. LOAD delivers a consolidated solution for consistently calculating and approving facility ratings - based on a utility’s established rating methodology. LOAD calculates element ratings and then automatically displays the first and second most limiting series element for a particular facility. LOAD makes it possible to establish a consistent ratings methodology across utility organizations, and improves the usability and availability of facility ratings information for planning and operations. Additionally, LOAD 2.60 provides utilities the consistent, stringent record keeping needed to comply with established facility rating NERC standards, such as NERC FAC-008-3.

LOAD is currently in use or being implemented at some of the nation’s largest producers and transporters of electricity. The growing list of customers includes Dominion, ITC Holdings Corporation, Louisville Gas and Electric Company (LG&E), Baltimore Gas and Electric Company (BGE), and Northern Indiana Public Service Company (NIPSCO).

We selected LOAD to prepare ourselves for coming regulations as well as to optimize the efficiency of our operations,” reports Keith Yocum, Manager of Transmission, Planning and Engineering for Louisville Gas and Electric Company. “It is proving a powerful tool in helping us achieve and demonstrate both compliance and operational efficiency.”LE

LOAD 2.60’s enhanced features include:

  • Extending LOAD’s single source of truth approach across the utility enterprise, providing timely, accurate facility ratings with security-controlled accessibility across the enterprise - for engineering, operations, planning, and compliance experts
  • Increased configurability – LOAD is capable of alerting specified users when facility ratings change or when pertinent information is updated
  • An enhanced platform for reporting and exporting of approved facility ratings
  • Data auditability that exceeds current enforceable requirements, preparing utilities to manage risk and proactively demonstrate a technically sound, comprehensive process and a culture of compliance

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