New Synergi Pipeline enables GIS integration

DNV GL - Software's new release of Synergi Pipeline software includes GIS integration, providing pipeline operators better analyses and decision-making based on geographically referenced and visualized data via the web interface.

Pipeline integrity management

Obtaining and managing correct and valid information about a pipeline’s risk and condition, including linked geographic information, is a constant challenge in integrity management. Synergi Pipeline, DNV GL’s pipeline integrity management and risk assessment software solution, produces efficient information management and data reliability while providing consistent application of integrity procedures. This gives operators the information they need to make the right decisions, increasing operational efficiency, reducing costs and most importantly supporting the safe operation of the pipeline system.

The new version of Synergi Pipeline (6.2) provides an interface with clear, intuitive visualization both of risk and also technical and operational status of offshore and onshore pipelines. The visualization is even more extensive through integration with the ArcGIS server, allowing the user to work with all pipeline data using a web-based viewer. The tool (EsriViewer) shows a map view of the pipelines with configurable data layers, such as risk, pipeline features, inspection data and analysis results and tools to select and filter the data.

Optimizing pipeline performance

DNV GL’s assessment tools are based on 50 years’ experience of delivering software to the industry. The latest release of Synergi Pipeline is a direct result of market needs.

“We are committed to innovation and development to provide leading solutions for optimized performance and managed risk in pipeline operations,” says Are Føllesdal Tjønn, DNV GL. “The trend toward risk-based methodologies for inspection and operations continues, including enhanced risk-based inspection and integrity assessment capabilities.”

Pipeline software supports the full integrity cycle

Synergi Pipeline delivers one single system that covers an overview of the whole integrity cycle – from performing risk assessments and scheduling inspection activities to analysing resulting data and managing mitigation activities. It is a configurable package that supports company best practices and gives managers a situation map and risk log that can include company-specific work processes.

Another main new feature of Synergi Pipeline is the improved traceability. Users can now easily understand the background for activities. Furthermore, the analysis functionality has been improved allowing identification of interacting corrosion defects, and remaining life analysis using both deterministic and probabilistic methodologies, enabling operators to plan mitigating actions more efficiently.

About Synergi Pipeline software

Synergi Pipeline covers all stages of the integrity lifecycle, from assessing the pipeline’s risk to managing and analysing inspection data, to planning mitigation actions. At the heart of the pipeline integrity lifecycle is a robust system that enables seamless movement of data between the various lifecycle stages. Synergi Pipeline software offers a comprehensive data management package, and the web-based solution lets you work from anywhere at any time.

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